A Party for the People

“The Democratic Labour Party has an image that the people of Barbados would be able to run their own affairs, to pay for the cost of running their own country, to have an education system which is as good as what can be obtained in any industrialised country, anywhere in the world.”

- Rt. Hon. Errol Walton Barrow, 1986

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Your contribution will support community programs that are engaged in youth development, sports, education and empowerment. We encourage you to be a part of developing our society


Volunteer - All hands on Deck!

Giving back can be so rewarding. If you have a trade, skill, knowledge or simply want to participate in community work join with us.

We have a lot to accomplish, Let’s work together.

Community Events & Outreach

  • Cover Letter and Resume Clinic 2021

  • Visiting Small Businesses After 1st Covid Lockdown - 2020

  • Covid Assistance 2020

Ryan is here to serve you.

Ryan Walters grew up in Ferniehurst, Black Rock in the parish of St. Michael after moving there with his mother, older sister and stepfather in the year 1990.

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Ryan has a very strong desire to represent the people from the community he grew up with and by extension the people of Barbados. He has the energy, determination and enthusiasm to lobby for and to act on behalf of the citizens for their greater good.


Ryan has a genuine love and appreciation for people. This is the driving force behind everything that he does. He puts others first and they are always the priority. He believes in not just helping others but empowering them to success in their life’s journey.


Ryan has dedicated himself to working on behalf of others. He will show up and he will get the job at hand completed. Ryan is devoted and you can count on him to put his best foot forward on your behalf.