Ryan Walters grew up in Ferniehurst, Black Rock in the parish of St. Michael after moving there with his mother, older sister and stepfather in the year 1990.

Ryan is and has always been a down to earth and friendly person who gets along with everyone. As a young boy, attending Queen’s College, Ryan was always keen in sports. He represented the school every year in track and field and in football, both are achievements he is very proud of.

Growing up in the community he played basketball for the Deacons Basketball Club and he always enjoyed an evening of football on the pasture, playing a game of road tennis or a game of dominoes or cards by the various shops in the neighborhood. Heading to the beach on Sunday evenings with his friends was also a weekly routine for him.

Ryan has a passion for business and this started from a very young age when he attended The Barbados Community College and earned an Associate Degree in Business Studies. His personal circumstances led him to choose pursuit of job opportunities over going to the University of the West Indies directly after College. Very soon after leaving college, he landed his first job in the tourism industry. As a Sports Coordinator at a hotel on the south coast Ryan was charged with the responsibility of keeping young guests active during the day. Playing golf, basketball, lawn tennis and board games with guests is how he spent his first days earning an income. Soon after, Ryan was offered the opportunity to work at a commercial bank. This job was one of a Mailroom Clerk and though it entailed what some would classify as menial tasks, Ryan saw the opportunity to work hard and increase his work experience. A couple years later, Ryan landed a job as an Accounts Assistant at a leading credit card processing company. A job where he forged many friendships and a foundation of experience that would help solidify him in his current roles today.

His extensive professional career was bolstered by his employment in the International Business Sector where he worked for 10 years in various roles. Starting as an Assistant Account in 2002, he moved to Accountant then to Senior Account in 2006. In 2008, he was promoted to Manager of Finance and Compliance. He also held the post of Senior Manager – Finance, Planning & Analysis from 2010 to 2012. Over the years in this sector, Ryan has worked extensively in accounting, audit, forecasting, mergers and business acquisition. Ryan also gained qualifications in Training and Marketing and also attained a Master in Business Administration (MBA), with a specialty in Finance. Ryan currently holds the position of General Manager of Restaurant Associates (Barbados) Ltd, local franchisee for Burger King. A position he held since 2014. Over the years Ryan has led a team that has developed the Burger King Brand in Barbados.

Ryan is father to four children; two handsome young men and two beautiful daughters. His love for his children is undeniable and he is at the forefront of their lives. He has his hands full coaching and mentoring two teenage boys and nurturing two girls who still attend primary school.

Beyond his professional and personal commitments Ryan stills find time to be in the community. His passion and love for people has led to his involvement into elective politics. He is committed to serving and representing the people who he grew up with. As a member of the Democratic Labour Party, Ryan has been a national voice on behalf of the citizens of the country, speaking on issues relating to small business, entrepreneurship, health and other national issues. Ryan is currently the 1st Vice President of the Democratic Labour Party

Ryan is here to serve you.